Corporate Overview

Who is NGC?

Incorporated in August 1975 by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, NGC is an integrated group of companies in the natural gas sector. NGC, the Parent Company, is strategically located in the midstream of Trinidad and Tobago’s natural gas value chain, and through its subsidiaries, has strong linkages in the downstream and upstream sectors.

NGC owns, maintains and operates Trinidad and Tobago’s transmission and distribution gas pipeline network of approximately 1,000 km, which comprises both offshore and onshore segments.

NGC has evolved into a highly reputable and profitable organisation with a wide-ranging portfolio of energy and non-energy assets. In the 1980s, NGC’s diversification of the energy industry to include natural gas development led Trinidad and Tobago to the forefront of the world energy industry.

With a strong asset base valued at over US$6 billion, NGC is one of the largest companies, by assets, in the Caribbean and Latin America.

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